The 2022 Houston Regional GIS Expo
will take place the week of November 14th, 2022.

Mentorship Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How much time will have to be devoted to the project?

    Mentors and Teachers work together to determine a schedule depending on resources available (from 4 - 18 hours spread over a period of 9 weeks).
  2. How do I contact my teacher/mentor?

    Contact: Coordinator In-Charge for School or Teacher matching.
  3. If there is a problem with getting together with my mentor/teacher whom do I contact?

    Contact: Coordinator In-Charge.
  4. What type of projects should be considered?

    Really, whatever and wherever your interests lie. Some suggestions are: environment, transportation, archeology, geology, health, etc.
  5. How many students should participate in each group?

    The committee thinks that small groups, will be most effective.
  6. Is there a grade level restriction?

    Students should be in middle school or high school.
  7. How will I get a teacher/mentor?

    Teachers will fill out a questionnaire. Mentors and Program coordinators will choose from the questionnaires to try to match interest and/or location and resources.
  8. Will the project be judged, and what will the prize be?

    Yes, the projects will be judged and prizes will be awarded. Specific prizes and categories are not determined at this time, but in previous years the prizes have included ESRI software, gift certificates, and T-Shirts.
  9. What are the criteria for judging the prizes?

    We felt it was important that the student had a large part in putting together the exhibit. Student interviews will be conducted to try to determine the amount of student participation.
    1. Did the project appear to be completed by the students?
    2. Did the students understand the project scope?
      (could they explain what they were trying to accomplish and how they went about illustrating the results?)
    3. Did the student understand the data?
      (where did the data come from, how was it acquired, how was it used and why was it used?)
    4. The last criteria: Map Skills - the overall appearance.
      (did it appear that the student had done the work and understood the process.)
Also available are project goals and guidelines to help make your project a rich, and success oriented experience. Why wait?
Contact your Coordinator In-Charge now.

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