The 2022 Houston Regional GIS Expo
will take place the week of November 14th, 2022.

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Houston Area GIS is a non profit organization. Each year we depends on Volunteers like you to make the event a success.The Student Mentorship Program is a great opportunity for area GIS professionals to work with HISD instructors and students. Please consider be part of the important group.

We need GIS Professionals and students currently enrolled in a GIS program with a Texas based college or university. If you would like to volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Registration form linked below.


Volunteer positions are open for Student Mentorship, set-ups, directing students to auditoriums, serving lunches, etc. To register as Volunteers, and other important information, please contact: (coming soon)



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Houston Area GIS Day
Geographic Data Workgroup
Houston, Texas, USA
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    Geographic Data Workgroup

    Geographic Data Committee
    The Geographic Data Workgroup (GDW) is an H-GAC sponsored group consisting of public, private, non-profit, and educational organizations. The group meets monthly to discuss Geographic Information System (GIS) related matters, network, and plan cooperative purchases of software, aerial imagery, and data that would be too costly if obtained separately.

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