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Professional Workshops - November 21
GIS Day and Expo - November 22
University of Houston-Clear Lake – Bayou Building
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GeoMentor Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How much time will have to be devoted to the project?

    Mentors and Teachers work together to determine a schedule depending on resources available (from 4 - 18 hours spread over a period of 9 weeks).
  2. How do I contact my teacher/mentor?

    Contact: Coordinator In-Charge for School or Teacher matching.
  3. If there is a problem with getting together with my mentor/teacher whom do I contact?

    Contact: Coordinator In-Charge.
  4. What type of projects should be considered?

    Really, whatever and wherever your interests lie. Some suggestions are: environment, transportation, archeology, geology, health, etc.
  5. How many students should participate in each group?

    The committee thinks that small groups, will be most effective.
  6. Is there a grade level restriction?

    Students should be in middle school or high school.
  7. How will I get a teacher/mentor?

    Teachers will fill out a questionnaire. Mentors and Program coordinators will choose from the questionnaires to try to match interest and/or location and resources.
Also available are project goals and guidelines to help make your project a rich, and success oriented experience. Why wait?
Contact your Coordinator In-Charge now.

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